New articles published in Appetite, Journal of Youth Studies, and Qualitative Health Research

Our latest peer-reviewed journal articles:

Hunt, Geoffrey, Fazio, Adam, MacKenzie, Kathleen and Moloney, Molly. (2011). Food in the family. Bringing young people back in. Appetite, 56(2): 394-402.

Moloney, Molly, Hunt, Geoffrey P., Joe-Laidler, Karen and MacKenzie, Kathleen. (2011). Young mother (in the) hood: Gang girls’ negotiation of new identities. Journal of Youth Studies, 14(1): 1-19.

Fazio, Adam, Hunt, Geoffrey and Moloney, Molly. (2011). “It’s one of the better drugs to use”: Perceptions of cocaine use among gay and bisexual Asian American men. Qualitative Health Research, 21(5): 625-641.

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