Drugs and Culture: Knowledge, Consumption and Policy now published

Hunt, Geoffrey, Milhet, Maitena and Bergeron, Henri. (Eds.). (2011). Drugs and Culture: Knowledge, Consumption and Policy. Surrey: Ashgate.

Edited by Geoffrey Hunt, Institute for Scientific Analysis, USA, Maitena Milhet, French Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction, France and Henri Bergeron, Sciences Po, France


Drugs and Culture: Knowledge, Consumption and Policy

Current approaches to drugs tend to be determined by medical and criminal visions that emerged over a century ago; the concepts of addiction, on the one hand, and drug control on the other, having imposed themselves as the unquestionable central notions surrounding drug issues and discourses. Pathologization and criminalization are the dominant perspectives on psychoactive drugs, and it is difficult to describe drug consumption in any terms other than those of medicine, or to conceive of regulation except in terms of control and eradication.

Drugs and Culture presents other voices and understandings of drug issues, highlighting the socio-cultural features of drug use and regulation in modern societies. It examines the cultural dimensions of drugs and their regulation, with special attention to questions of how consumption of specific psychoactive substances becomes associated with particular social groups; the social dynamics involved in our coming to think of these phenomena as we do; and the factors that determine the political and policy responses to drug use.

Adopting approaches from anthropology, sociology, history, political science and geopolitics to challenge the prevailing pathologization and criminalization of drug use, this book provides international and comparative perspectives on drug research, based on the latest research in Europe, the USA, the Middle East and Hong Kong.

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