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    The Institute for Scientific Analysis studies social problems and applies research findings in the service of solutions to those problems. ISA contributes to policy debates on social issues including poverty, social welfare, education, crime and delinquency, mental health, race and ethnicity, gender, child development, aging, violence, AIDS, substance abuse, and health disparities among different groups in our society. Learn more about us and our services.


Current Research

Mr. Geoffrey P. Hunt

As of October 2009, the Institute has received several inquires regarding an August 31, 2009 article in the American Thinker. Mr. Geoffrey P. Hunt, the author of the article, as far as we can ascertain, is an executive in the electronics industry and a regular contributor to the American Thinker. His work has been attributed to Geoffrey P. Hunt, PhD, Senior Scientist at Institute for Scientific Analysis. Please note Dr. Hunt has never written anything for the American Thinker and would appreciate any help in rectifying this case of mistaken authorship/identity.