The Institute for Scientific Analysis (ISA) is the research division of Scientific Analysis Corporation (SAC), a nonprofit corporation formed more than forty years ago dedicated not only to the study of social problems but also to the application of research findings in the service of solutions to those problems. Over the years, we have sponsored more than one hundred research projects, contributing to policy debates in a broad range of social issues including poverty, social welfare, education, crime and delinquency, mental health, race and ethnicity, gender, child development, aging, violence, AIDS, substance abuse, and health disparities among different groups in our society.

The newly joined CSM group develops, distributes, and supports the two main products– CASES and SDA. CASES is a software package used to manage the collection and processing of survey-type information. Current and previous versions of CASES have been one of the most frequently used data collection systems in the United States and have been used in several countries around the world for over 30 years. SDA is a software package for the documentation and Web-based analysis of survey data and was designed to produce analysis results very quickly. SDA online analysis has been used by thousands of researchers and students around the world.

CSM’s funding primarily comes from the Association for Computer-assisted Surveys (ACS), an international consortium of survey-related organizations that use CSM software. To know more detail about joining membership or obtaining CASES or SDA software, visit: cases.berkeley.edu

Our History

In 1966, sociologist Dorothy Lonewolf Miller left the California State Department of Mental Hygiene to establish the nonprofit mental health research group, Social Psychiatry Research Associates. Recognizing the need for a organization with a broader focus than the specific social problems of the mentally ill, Miller launched Scientific Analysis Corporation (SAC) in 1968 as a nonprofit social science research corporation dedicated to the “betterment of the human condition.”

As SAC’s research division, the Institute for Scientific Analysis (ISA) emerged as an administrative alternative to university and government bureaucracies through which independent researchers could investigate the major policy issues affecting our society.

After guiding ISA for more than thirty years, Dorothy Lonewolf Miller retired as Director in July of 1999. Today, under the directorship of Michael H. Jang, ISA continues to foster a collegial and creative environment for social scientists seeking to use research as a tool for social change.

ISA Staff in the 1990s